Visual Guide to API Design Best Practices


This visual eBook covers essential best practices for designing robust APIs using REST principles.
The idea of my visual eBooks are to enable building micro-learning habits just like scrolling through social media feed. It's a visual content with easily digestible format under 40 pages.

The book covers these topics in a very concise way with examples and learn why it is important,

  • Descriptive and Consistent Naming

  • Versioning

  • Follow RESTful principles

  • Use HTTP Status Codes

  • Input Validation

  • Provide Clear Documentation

  • Pagination and Filtering

  • Error Handling

  • Rate Limiting

  • Caching

  • Content Negotiation

  • Idempotent Operations

  • Proper Use of HTTP Methods

  • CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing)

  • Authentication using Tokens

  • Response Validation

  • Nested Resources

  • Use of Sub-resources

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